Uniforms can be purchased at www.globalschoolwear.com with school code STMO01. With the exceptions of sweatshirts and plaid items exclusively available through the site, you may opt to purchase components at a store of your choice.

Grades K-8 Daily Uniform

  • Shirts: Navy blue polo shirt
  • Pants/shorts: Khaki colored school pants/shorts (no khaki colored leggings, “jeggings”, or cargo style)
  • Skirts/skorts: Tommy Hilfiger Blue Plaid or Khaki
  • Dresses: Navy blue or Khaki
  • Jumpers: Tommy Hilfiger Blue Plaid, Khaki, or Navy (may be worn with navy or white polo, collared, or turtleneck shirt)
  • Belts: Solid color black, brown, or navy blue must be worn when wearing pants or shorts for students in grades 6-8
  • Socks/tights: navy blue, white, or khaki
  • Shoes: Sneakers or dress shoes. No sandals, Crocs, or flip-flops.
  • Sweaters: navy blue or white cardigans, v-necks, crew necks, fleeces
  • Sweatshirts: School Logo Sweatshirts only

Grades K-8 Physical Education Uniform

  • Shorts: Navy-colored mid-thigh or longer athletic shorts, no skin-tight spandex/bike shorts
  • Pants: Navy-colored sweatpants or track pants. Leggings/yoga pants are not allowed for PE for grades 3-8. Solid navy leggings/yoga pants may be worn by girls in grades K-2.
  • Shirt: Solid Navy colored t-shirt OR blue/tie-dyed school logo/school fun run shirt; white school logo shirts are no longer allowed for PE.
  • Students in grades K-5 may wear their PE clothes on PE days
  • Students in grades 6-8 should plan on changing into their PE uniform

Clarification: Shirts are required to be tucked in when wearing a belt. Make-up and hair should be simplistic and natural in nature. Hair should not be streaked or tinted. Jewelry should be limited and conservative. Girls are limited to one piercing in each ear. Boys are prohibited from wearing earrings. Any styles or items that detract from the school uniform will be considered inappropriate.