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Sandra Poczobut– Classroom Music, Band, Chorus, and Drama Club.  Sandra holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music Education from the University of Maine. She began teaching in St. Johnsbury, 1998-1999, and at SMSM from 2001-2007.  After taking time off from teaching to raise three children (all current students at our school) she returned to SMSM in January of 2018.  Sandra has years of experience performing with local music groups including Mad River Chorale and Brookfield Community Chorus and has appeared in several productions with the Barre Players and Unadilla Theater.  Sandra and her husband Michael also provide the music for the 4:15 Mass on Saturdays at St. Monica Church. Sandra feels privileged to be part of the SMSM family.

We envision a world in which all children experience the life-changing effects of theater, including sparking their creativity, boosting their self-confidence, and igniting a passion for the arts.

  • Theater educates! We believe theater is vital for well-rounded youth development, whether the child is an actor or patron. 
  • The theater is a tool for active and critical learning in which young actors are introduced to critical ideas and skills, such as empathy, tolerance, concentration, speech, communication, cooperation, problem-solving, memorization, social awareness, and poise.
  • Theater empowers! We believe theater empowers children by developing their skills, confidence, curiosity, and imagination. While performing in front of a live audience, our young actors begin to trust their ideas and abilities and develop confidence, which is critical to their future development and success. 
  • Theater entertains! We believe theater opens many doors for children and enriches the lives of those who take part in it. 
  • Theater brings fun, play, humor, compassion, joy, and wisdom to our lives: this improves motivation and reduces stress.   Audiences are not simply spectators but contributors to the complete live theater experience. 

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