Computers and Technology

Children should start to identify the components of computers and how they operate to process information. In other words, educators begin teaching basic computer skills by explaining the main structure of computers in elementary schools.

For example:

  • The computer consists of software and hardware elements.
  • Therefore, it depends on the input data from the child.
  • Then the computer processes this data through CPU and memory
  • And finally, then delivers the output.

At this stage, children recognize the uses of computers and how they turn on and off devices. Thus, these fundamental skills enable the young to develop their computer literacy and continue learning the following skills.

Typing is one of the input methods to enter the data into the computers. In other words, kids can mainly depend on typing to input texts and writing their school assignments.

That makes keyboarding one of the essential skills to learn in early childhood. At this stage, teachers start to educate our children on how to type letters and numbers.

This and how to use other buttons such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and Enter. This button helps kids to write their homework, email, and search on the internet.

Additionally, the young should learn touch typing and other typing techniques to increase their speed and accuracy.

Last but not least, our kids know the correct sitting position while typing to avoid muscle injuries. Thus, mastering keyboard skills and typing are crucial skills for computing.

7th Grade

4th Grade