Principal’s Welcome

Dear Parents,

     It is my great honor to become the principal of St. Monica-St. Michael Catholic School, and I am excited to begin this new pathway in my life. I look forward to meeting and getting to know the students and parents for the upcoming school year. 

     Both my wife, Johnnie, and I are Louisiana natives and have lived for the majority of our lives in southeastern Louisiana. Johnnie and I are both devout Catholics and make our faith a part of our daily lives. We are blessed to share five children and seven grandchildren. 

     We moved to Vermont two years ago. My second son and his family had moved to Vermont three years ago to take a job with GE Aeronautics. On our very first visit to Vermont, we fell in love with the beauty, open spaces, and friendly people. We soon decided to call Vermont our new home. 

 In my educational career, I have served as teacher, coach, Special Education Coordinator, and principal of a large elementary school. Johnnie taught for 25 years in Pre-K through third grade settings and served as district Early Childhood Coordinator for nine years. 

     My immediate goal is to continue the excellent job that Mrs. Buzzell has done for the last six years. One of the main ingredients of a successful school is the teachers and staff. The current staff is excellent. They are professional, dedicated, and passionate about helping students succeed, not only academically but also spiritually, culturally, and physically. They focus on building good character in each of the students they teach. My philosophy is exactly as theirs. I will ensure that we help every student to reach his/her very best potential. 

We will continue to maintain a safe and positive environment. This is necessary for your children to feel at ease and relaxed and ready to learn. Safety of staff and students while on the school campus is one of my top priorities. I want you to have the confidence that when you drop off your child(ren) in the morning he/she/ they will be in a safe environment until they return to you. 

     Please know that my door will always be accessible to students, parents, and faculty to address any concerns and work quickly to resolve them. I want to have an open line of communication with all. You may call, text, or email me. Please be assured that I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

 I will close this first letter by saying that I am looking forward to working with you in assuring your child’s time at St. Monica- St. Michael School will be an enduring part of their educational journey. May God bless and keep you and your students safe throughout the summer.


Robert “Mike” Alford