Middle School

Throughout Middle School, our students increase their academic competency and confidence with increasing accountability in preparation for the challenges of high school. SMSM challenging Middle School curriculum provides ample opportunity for growth in faith and educational, social, and emotional development.

Dear Middle Schooler,

Welcome to Saint Monica – Saint Michael’s Middle School grades 6, 7, and 8!

We look forward to working with you as you spend another year growing and learning. Together we are going to work hard so you reach your full potential. We will have many wonderful and fun experiences and opportunities to learn and grow in the days ahead.

This past year has been a challenge for us all, but we rose to the challenge together and did great! We have all earned fun and relaxing summer to be enjoyed and used to recharge our batteries.

Over the summer, we encourage you to READ, READ, READ! We want you to read, and read for pleasure in books or magazines YOU want to read. Reading is one of the most essential skills that a person can have. It opens up a world of possibilities and allows you to learn about new things. Developing a reading habit can help you go a long way personally and creatively by broadening your imagination by reading words off a page.

Reading can teach values. Whether you read from a religious or secular text, you can learn and teach the difference between right and wrong and explore various cultural perspectives and ways of life.

The benefits of reading go far beyond making you more academically intelligent. Reading also boosts your emotional intelligence and helps to improve how you interpret emotions—those exhibited by others and their own. From developing better relationships to improved social situations, and empathy, reading can foster emotional intelligence in you, the readers, regardless of age. This is the true magic of reading.

Let’s make this a GREAT year of learning.


Miss Patty Rizzo- Grade 6th ~prizzo@stmonica-stmichael.org

Mrs. D’Amico – Grade 7~mdamico@stmonica-stmichael.org

Mr. Sines – Grade 8~jsines@stmonica-stmichael.org

Middle School Summer Reading Assignment