Welcome to St. Monica-St. Michael School Classrooms. We take pride in education and our classroom space. Every child—every person in life—wants to feel they belong. Next to the family environment, a classroom community is where we often first discover that sense of belonging. Being a member of a positive, inclusive classroom community affects students’ well-being.

Having a supportive classroom community also increases student participation. Help students feel confident and safe in their learning environment. In that case, they’ll be more open to sharing their thoughts on a topic or raising their hands to answer challenging questions. A strong classroom community helps nurture student ownership and accountability. Students will feel empowered to take a more significant role in their learning by fostering a sense of community.

We build a strong classroom community at St. Monica-St. Michael School. We help your students build bonds with their classmates. Students who feel a sense of belonging and support from their classmates may be more empowered to engage in the classroom. There are endless ways to foster student interactions to help build trust and forge relationships.

We ensure a positive environment. The first step to creating a positive classroom environment starts with promoting a positive attitude. Reinforcing good behavior is crucial to providing a positive environment as it strengthens intrinsic motivation in students to continue behaving positively. 

We promote inclusivity. We ensure that every student feels seen. Empowering students to share their views will enable them to think that they have value in their community. Students come from different worlds—sharing different backgrounds.

At St.Monica-St.Michael school, our classrooms are a home for your children to learn, grow and be part of a larger community.